Chhir Chot

Chhir chot is a very famous tea time snack and is easy to prepare.


  1. 1 cup chawal ka aata (rice flour).
  2.  ¼ tea spoon salt or to taste.
  3.  ¼ tea spoon ajwain seeds (carom seeds).
  4. Mustard oil or refined oil.

  1. Mix  aata, ajwain and salt properly and make a normal paste with water (neither thick nor thin).
  2. Pre-heat tawa (flat pan) on full flame and spread 1 table spoon oil on it evenly and turn the stove on low flame (otherwise when the paste of flour is spread on the tawa, the oil present there will catch fire).
  3. Now spread the paste of flour quickly on the pan in a round shape and turn the stove again on full flame.
  4. Spread one table spoon oil on the upper side of chhir chot and cover the pan with lid and turn the stove again on low flame.
  5. When  lower  side of the chhir chot turns light brown, put it upside down with the help of a flat serving spoon.
  6. As soon as it turn light brown, serve it with hot tea.