Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tomul Chott

In Kashmir, tomul chott, was considered as one of the important portions of our meal especially the people living in villages and small towns who owned their own land (landlords). On festivals like Shivratri, Doony Mavas, it has a great importance.


  1. Rice flour as per need.
  2. Salt and ajwain (carom seeds) as per taste and flavour (optional).
  3. Pure ghee (optional).
  4. Hot water for kneading.
  5. 1 tawa (flat pan).
  1. Mix salt and ajwain in flour (if you want to).
  2. Now knead the flour with hot water till soft dough is formed.
  3. Pick up a chunk of soft dough, make it round between your palms and flatten it into a round shape by your palms in the shape of a chapatti
  4. Preheat the tawa and put the chapatti on it. Now put it upside down till it is ready.
  5. Pick it from tawa and put it directly on full flame of stove as is done in case of simple chapatti.
  6. If you want to apply ghee, you can apply it after step 4.
  7. Tomul chott is ready to enjoy with sheer chay or kehwa.