Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Prepare Kehwa in Three Simple Steps!

Ingridents (for 1 cup of tea)

  1. 1/4 tea spoon tea leaves.

  2. 1 table spoon sugar.

  3. 1 inch long piece of daalcheeni (Cinnamon).

  4. 2 elaichi (Cardamom).

  5. 4 kaali mirch (Black pepper).

  6. 4 g adrak (Ginger).

  7. 3 leaves of kesar (Saffron).

  8. 2 baadaam (Almonds).

  9. Optional: 1/2 tea spoon lemon juice.


  1. Put 1.25 cups of water in a patila. Add Sugar, crushed kaali mirch, adrak and daalcheeni .Boil it for 1 minute.

  2. Add tea leaves and boil for 30 seconds and filter it.

  3. Now add cardamom (Crushed), saffron and half-crushed almonds. You may also add half tea spoon lemon juice, if you desire.

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