Thursday, November 29, 2012


Rista is a mouth-watering, famous dish of kashmiri wazwan. It is prepared in red chilly powder and other spices in a very special manner. The preparation is worth time consuming. So if you have ample time and patience, follow the following steps, prepare the dish and bring smile on the faces of your dear ones.

  1. 800g of fresh boneless lamb mutton and 200g of mutton fat.(total 1kg very finely minced together).
  2. 2 ladles mustard oil.
  3. 2.5 table spoons kashmiri mirch powder (red chilly powder).
  4. 2.5 table spoons saunf powder (fennel powder).
  5. 1 table spoon saunth powder (ginger powder).
  6. 3 pieces of (one inch size) dalchini (cinnamon).
  7. 4-5 crushed elaichi (cardamom).
  8. 4 crushed moti elaichi (black cardamom).
  9. 1 table spoon dhania powder (coriander powder).
  10. 1 table spoon moti elaichi daane (black cardamom seeds).
  11. 1 table spoon safed zeera (cumin).
  12. 1 tea spoon kaala zeera (black cumin).
  13. 2 tej patte (bay leaves).
  14. 20 gm kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves)
  15. 6 lehsoon ke tukde (garlic pieces).
  16. 4 medium size chopped pyaaz (onions).
  17. 1 table spoon kesar (saffron) optional.
  18. 1 table spoon butter.
  19. 12"x12" white malmal cloth. (thin cotton cloth) duely washed to remove starch and dirt if any.

  1. Take the minced mutton in a bowel (itis better to mince the mutton yourself at home with a wooden pestle in a mortar till is becomes fine).
  2. Add 1 ladle oil, 1 tea spoon salt, 1/2 table spoon mirch powder, 1/2 table spoon saunf, 2 pinches saunf,1 table spoon moti elaichi seeds and mix these ingredients evenly in the mutton.
  3. Soak kesar in 1/2 katori of water (optional).
  4. Make big (about 50g) and fine round meat balls, put them in a big patila / big vessel with 1 liter water and keep on full flame. 
  5. Put spices like moti elaichi, elaichi, dalchini, saunf, saunth, laung, salt to taste (about 1 table spoon),dhania powder, kasoori methi, zeera on the malmal cloth and make a knot so that all the ingredients remain inside the cloth.
  6.  Dip the spice sack and tej patta in the patila, cover it with a lid and let it boil till ther remains a little amount of liquid. Remove the spice sack and squeeze it in the patila and turn off the flame.
  7. Heat 1 ladle mustard oil in a pan, add chopped onions and garlic, fry them till brown and then grind in mixer.
  8. After grinding put the paste back in the pan and add mirch powder, put the pan on a low flame till dark red colour appears. Add this paste along with 1 glass of water to patila and boil it.
  9. Make a paste of saffron in mixer (if you have saffron).
  10. Add saffron paste, kaala zeera and ghee and continue cooking for another 3 minutes on low flame.
  11. Garnish with coriander and serve with boiled rice.