Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drann, Rice flour- snacks.

Drann is a type of snack prepared with rice flour.  It is usually prepared on Maha Shivratri as bhog along with other vyanjans and distributed among friends and relatives along with prasad. It is very good in taste and eaten with tea (especially with kehwa).

  1. 1 kg chawal ka aata (rice flour). 
  2. 1 table spoon kashmiri mirch powder (red chilly powder).
  3. 3/4 table spoon salt.
  4. 1/4 kg akhrot (walnut).
  5. 1 table spoon zeera (cumin seeds).
  6. 1/2 table spoon ajwain (carom seeds). 
  7. 1 table spoon hing paani (liquid asafoetida).
  8. 300 ml mustard oil.
  9. 1 tawa (chapatti pan).
  1. Boil the walnuts for 1 minute, drain off the water and wash them again in fresh water.
  2. Add walnuts and salt in lukewarm water and mix them well.
  3. Now put the flour in a basin, add kashmiri mirch, zeera, hing paani and ajwain and mix properly.
  4. Knead the flour with the mixture of water, walnut and salt till soft dough is prepared.
  5. Now pick big chunks (about 200g) of dough and make round between the palms.
  6. Prepare chapatti about 1/2" thick and 6" diameter and put it on pre heated tawa on full flame.
  7. Bake on both sides, cool it and tear it into small pieces.
  8. Heat the oil in a pan and deep fry the pieces.
  9. Serve the snack with tea (kashmiri tea, preferably).